I like drawing the human figure

Torso in Black and White, clutching various drawing implements like a claw - FigurehuggerJust as ‘write what you know’ is wisdom, ‘draw what you like’ holds true. Vice-versa too, but I’ve not known the human figure as well as I would want.

You can’t help be a fan of figurative art growing up in old Bombay with all those historic statues, reliefs and stone icons surrounding you. Add to that a childhood of Amar Chitr Katha, old pin-ups, black & white photos, Air India planes wallpapered in Ajanta figures and you must succumb. The figurative becomes the ultimate artistic achievement to you with those influences, and so I continue to practice and continue to want to be better.

The acceptance of figurative art as a normal part of human life has waxed and waned through mediums and extremes even in recent history. There’s little one can do to avoid the figurative completely; As self-absorbed creatures, we have no choice but to marvel at our own form. But eventually morality rears its ugly invented head, and what is mere physical reality or fantasy takes on import and meaning; Good & evil.

While we claim an enlightened age, anyone expressing the human figure must do so today with more trepidation than expressing the inhuman. More reason to separate and focus on figurative art slightly removed from all else I do. Covering up by dissociation.

Figurative art is currently looked at either as solemn sin or in crass debasement. Neither is serious, though both respect and humour can be that. I want to practice the many forms of figurative art with serious intent and a touch of humour and humanity. Thus Figurehugger was born, and here I hope to play and learn and draw, and breathe life into many rendered curves and sinews.

Figuratively yours,